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selected model instances for MCC'17 Empty selected model instances for MCC'17

Post by crohr on Thu 27 Apr - 13:53

We have an issue with the selected instances of this year's MCC.
The totally valid statement for the reduction of the instances is, to remove those instances of a model, where all/most of the tools agree on the results, in order to reduce the overall run-time of the MCC.

But there has been removed one instance of the GPPP model (GPPP-PT-C0010N1000000000), where that statement is not correct and which is of special interest at all, because it is the only instance in the MCC that has an initial number of tokens greater than 2^31.

We think this instance should be kept in the MCC.

kind regards,

PS: I want to stress the fact that we were outvoted in that instance for the number of state transitions and got a penalty, even though that we computed the correct results and the other two were wrong.


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